My Story

I first started this project many years ago and have memories of listening to music going back to the 50s.  Over the years I made substantial notes about popular music and built up a sizeable collection of albums and singles.

The music has kept me going through many years of success and failure, including a mental breakdown which I am still learning to cope with.  


Unfortunately, as a result of my illness, my memory has quite a few gaps…some of which I am managing to fill when listening to my music and talking to friends and family.  My vinyl collection and CDs were sold many years ago as a result of my bankruptcy following my breakdown.  Fortunately, I have been able to recover the majority over the years and continue to do so when finances allow.  I have never designed a full web site before, although I have tried unsuccessfully several times over the years.

Rediscovering my music and some of the times I enjoyed at clubs, festivals & concerts over the years, have reinforced my belief that music is a great healer.

As the content is based on my own preferences, interpretations and recollections, it is a personal guide intended to lead to an educational site.

I should also say that when making notes over the years, I have merely written down facts or opinions at the time.  I cannot quote specific sources and apologise if, although unlikely, I have reproduced text verbatim without giving the necessary acknowledgement. I am researching now which should enable me to give credits where possible.

If you’ve taken the time to read this to the end, please reward yourself with a strong drink.

Cheers and thank you

Roger Gilbertson  (Dr. Cool)

November 2016

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