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My Bedsit Years

60s & 70s

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 01  Daydream  - The Lovin’ Spoonful 1965

 02  You Didn’t Have To Be So Nice - The Lovin’ Spoonful 1965

 03  Girl - The Beatles 1965

 04  In My Life - The Beatles 1965

 05  Suzanne - Leonard Cohen 1967

 06  Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye 1967

 07  Nights In White Satin - The Moody Blues 1967

 08  Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon)

                                                                  - The Moody Blues 1967

 09  Me and Bobby McGee - Kris Kristofferson 1969 

 10  Sunday Morning Coming Down - Kris Kristofferson 1969

 11  After The Gold Rush - Neil Young & Crazy Horse 1970

 12  Southern Man - Neil Young & Crazy Horse 1970  

 13  And It Stoned Me - Van Morrison 1970

 14  Into The Mystic - Van Morrison 1970

 15  Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkle 1970

 16  Cecilia - Simon & Garfunkle 1970

 17  Father and Son - Cat Stevens 1970

 18  Wild World - Cat Stevens 1970

 19  Fire and Rain - James Taylor 1970

 20  Sweet Baby James - James Taylor 1970

 21  Ruby Tuesday - Melanie 1970

 22  What Have They Done To My Song Ma - Melanie 1970  

 23  Up Around The Bend

                            - Creedence Clearwater Revival 1970

 24 Travelin’ Band - Creedence Clearwater Revival 1970

 25  American Pie - Don McLean 1971

 26  Vincent - Don McLean 1971

 27  Lemon Haired Ladies - Dory Previn 1971

 28  Mythical Kings and Iguanas - Dory Previn 1971

 29  Iko Iko - Dr. John 1972

 30  Tipitina - Dr. John 1972

 31  You Wear It Well - Rod Stewart 1972

 32  Angel - Rod Stewart 1972

 33  Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John 1973  

 34  Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting - Elton John 1973

 35  Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City

                                                       - Bobby “Blue” Bland 1974 

 36  Yolanda - Bobby “Blue” Bland 1974

 37  Free Man In Paris - Joni Mitchell 1974

 38  Help Me - Joni Mitchell 1974

 39  Hurricane - Bob Dylan 1975

 40  Sara  Bob Dylan 1975

 41  Alison - Elvis Costello & The Attractions 1977

 42  (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes  

                                 - Elvis Costello & The Attractions 1977

This is a personal selection bringing back memories of the great music I’ve listened to over the years and reminding me of some of the people I’ve met, and experiences I’ve had, over the years.

While I was going through my cassette & vinyl collection it occurred to me how important it was to record my time in the 60s & 70s as they had a significant effect on my life. I can’t remember everything I went through during those years but I will need to do a follow up at sometime as more music, people and stories are coming back to me as I write this, although some will be featured in future programs such as ‘The Festival Years’.

I’ll keep my comments brief as there a lot of years to cover. The tracks on here are in brackets.

Many of these artists (1,5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15,  I9, 21, 29, 31, 33, 37, 39, 41) I saw at various festivals, in concert and at clubs. Some I saw in concert regularly (13, 29, 31, 35, 39, 41).  

During this period I had moved from home and rented my 1st bedsit in my home town of Sevenoaks before moving to bedsits in various parts of London ( Catford, Lewisham, Forest Hill, Swiss Cottage, Woodford etc.). I wasn’t always alone. At various times I had a live-in girlfriend (Christine) and I shared a house with Ann for a few years. It is fair to say that I had wandering eyes and had several girlfriends over the years, more than one at a time sometimes but that is a long story.

To bring some context to the tracks I have chosen, apart from live concerts, festivals and clubs, there is another personal element…my girlfriends. During the 60s I was shy and not too confident. Once I started work in London I gradually became more outgoing. I found it easier to meet girls and many remained friends even after we broke up. Although there were periods when I was alone after ending relationships I often bounced back with a new one. One example was a girl from Hammersmith. We often went for walks by the River Thames near Hammersmith Bridge and we had a good time together. However, after a while she had to return to her home in New Zealand which was upsetting for both of us and we soon lost touch…her name was Cecilia (15 & 16).  There were other examples but I’ll leave those for another program.

Tuesday had some significance because I had a regular Tuesday date (8, 21) for several months with a girl called Alison (41).

Kris Kristofferson’s often seemed to reflect my life and dealt with the on/off nature of life as a wanderer (9) and who hasn’t been through similar days as (10) after the night before’s excesses.

All in all I had a fabulous and rewarding time during which I gradually grew up and finally met my future wife by the end of the 70s.

I hope you enjoy this selection and maybe it will bring back some memories for you too.

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