My ex-wife Lynne for her help and inspiration during our first venture into radio broadcasting. More important the years she sacrificed after my breakdown and providing the steps to my partial recovery, which provided the basis for my eventual improvement.

My current wife Tina who has selflessly carried on Lynne’s good work as my carer.

Yellow Cherry Design (Gemma Wilkinson) for her input and advice on logo design logo designs).

All the presenters and volunteers from my first radio stations KCR107 FM and Lakes FM.  I learned a lot from their help, actions and comments during that time and subsequently.  Particular thanks to Colin Yare, Stu Crawford, Peter Brown, Peter Storry, Darren Milby and Martin Buck (Touchstone Engineering) who were always helpful and reliable.  Border TV (Tim Backshall & Fiona Armstrong) who covered my first day with these two excellent presenters. There were others whose names are not included here but deserve my thanks.

Eddy Edmondson (Soul in the Sun) for his continuing help and advice during a difficult period of my life and his subsequent encouragement.

Terry and Ruth Mundy who were constant friends and companions from the 70s onwards. We went to many clubs, concerts and festivals over the years, which I am gradually recalling.


I have met many people (some several times) from the world of music and TV over the years. I hope you don’t think I am name-dropping but I was very proud to have known them, even for a short time.

Adam Faith, Sandie Shaw, Dave Dee, Geno Washington, Percy Sledge, Gary US Bonds, Etta James, Marty Wilde, Peter Knight Jnr, Eden Kane, Alexis Korner, Rod Stewart, Joe Brown, Brian May, Mark Owen, Steve Harley, Mark Lamarr, Simon Rouse, Melvyn Bragg and some I can’t remember.


I made many notes over the years and I am gradually recalling plenty of information and anecdotes gained from the 60s onwards. I have lost and gained a lot of vinyl, cassettes, CDs and downloads over the years which I have enjoyed re-listening to and are providing me with a sound basis for my programming.

I no longer have the monetary resources to buy more music now which is why some of the programmes may have gaps.

I know that over the years I have read extensively about music (I have eclectic tastes) and so sources are almost impossible to name. I use Wikipedia and Google, when I need to double-check my notes or gather more information. I am grateful to these sites. I am also a member of the British Library and have often travelled to London in the past to refresh my memory.

I will add more here as, when and if my memory fully returns.

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