Once upon a time....nearing the end of Autumn and at the onset of Winter in 1998, 3 businessmen were setting the world to rights (philosophy, politics, sport, music....) over a beer or two or three in a Kendal music bar, before moving on to a nearby Chinese eatery! Music was the main theme of their continuing conversation - from the 40s to the 90s - but mainly the rock'n'roll years, swinging 60s & 70s music festivals.  "Why do radio stations broadcast a load of crap?" one of the trio ventured; "lack of imagination" one of the others opined; "no interest in music" the third replied.

"Even the local radio station plays the same, safe, formatted music that many other stations play - wherever you are you'll hear the same thing.  What about album tracks? Why no local bands?" ... and so on until, stuffed with chicken, beef, prawns, noodles etc. and more beer they finally went their separate ways.

Unusually for one of these ruminative nights, one of the threesome couldn't rest that night until he'd thought this situation through .... the next morning he asked his wife "How do you feel about starting up a local radio station? Go for it! she said and Cool Radio was born.

This is the story....a story of hope, vision, laughs, highs, lows, dedication, betrayal and eventually disaster.

KCR107 was on air for 28 days, 24 hours a day during December 1998 and January 1999.

Lakes FM was on air during May/June 1999.


Apart from local news , sport, weather, travel, celebrity interviews and local band features, the station was mainly about the music. - a diverse mix of pop, rock, soul, country, jazz, blues, dance, R&B, techno, alternative rock, northern soul etc. - even baroque!

So popular was KCR107 that, despite the Radio Authority's insistence that it could be years before they granted Kendal a broadcasting licence, the second trial as lakes FM was planned.  However, within a few weeks of the 1st test ending, the Radio Authority announced that following popular demand a licence would be made available.

But....as is the way with out of touch bureaucrats....the licence went to the fat cat money men rather than the music lovers! The man in the street was left short-changed once again. So the people who had put their hearts and souls (and business, technical and financial knowledge) into the station were denied the fruits of their efforts and, now having turned full circle, we are left with a depressing radio output locally and with broken promises made at the time the licence was granted.

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