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Take a 2nd trip with me to the perception-altering music of the mid-to-late 60s psychedelic pop and rock scene, in the UK and USA.

Through the use of studio effects and techniques, electric guitars using feedback, synthesizers, Indian music, electronic keyboards, backwards taping, different melody structures and surreal lyrics, the style was enhanced by mind-altering, hallucinogenic drugs taken by both the musicians and the listeners.

This personal selection is a varied mix of pop and rock tracks with alternative versions of more popular chart hits.  The lesser known recordings were either unreleased or failed commercially. However, in their way they were important to the overall sound of the time.  Garage Rock in the USA and, to some extent, the UK produced a harder sound through which progressive rock and heavy metal grew, leading to punk in the 70s.

In future programs we will cover Garage Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, Alternative Rock etc. in more depth.

Dr Cool

Since I started writing this, we have lost Phil Spector who, for all his faults, was a huge figure in the development of music production.

Dr Cool’s Psychedelic 60s (Pt. 2)

 27  Incense & Peppermints - Strawberry Alarm Clock 1967

 28  King Midas In Reverse - The Hollies 1967

 29  Kites - Simon Dupree & The Big Sound 1967

 30  My White Bicycle - Tomorrow  1967

 31  Night Of  The Long Grass - The Troggs 1967

 32  Red Sky At Night - The Accent 1967

 33  The Sun Lights Up The Shadows Of Your Mind

                                              - First Crew To The Moon 1967  

 34  White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane 1967

 35  10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box

                                                        - The Aquarian Age 1968 

 36  Round and Round (aka Midsummer Night’s Dream)

                                                                            - Contact 1968

 37  All Along The Watchtower - The Alan Bown 1968

 38  All Day All Night - Blonde On Blonde 1968

 39  Baby Please Don’t Go - The Amboy Dukes 1968

 40  Morning Sun - The Spencer Davis Group 1968

 41  Penny For The Wind - Denis Coudry 1968

 42  Sister Saxaphone - Turquoise 1968

 43  Technicolour Dreams - Status Quo 1968

 44  Lonely Woman - Focal Point 1969

 45  Nobody Knows - Brute Force 1969

 46  Red Lady - Phil Cordell 1969

 47  Let’s All Watch The Sky Fall Down - Andromeda 1969

 48  Dance In The Smoke - Argent 1969

 49  Golden Hair - Syd Barrett 1969

 50  I Can See Her Face - Kippington Lodge 1969

 51  The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown)

                                                               - Fleetwood Mac 1969