My apologies once again for the delay in upgrading the site.  My ongoing problems with Alzheimers Dementia means I have limited time to perform certain tasks. During the last few years I have recorded and cleaned up several hundred vinyl LPs, EPs and 45s which has opened up the site to more program ideas. Once again, I am including shows from Kendal's pioneering radio stations KCR107 and Lakes FM from 1998-99 (This is a retro station after all).  

Hopefully we will be back to producing our own “Music from 20s to 90s” programs on a regular basis. We will be enhancing the format to include album selections and artist profiles and stories. Unlike earlier programs I have decided to do my ‘DJ’ bit with introductions and comments. I know my voice needs retraining so I hope you will bear with me.

Thanks for your continuing support and I hope that you are still enjoying the shows.  Don't forget that you can still listen to these and earlier programs by clicking either DECADES, PROGRAMS or KCR/LFM

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So we’re different......but then so are you!   

Treat yourself to a music experience that thrills, informs and surprises!!

So you like to listen to music but don’t like to conform to the norm (whatever that is)....well, we don’t fit the common mould either!

From Astaire to Zappa…from Acid Jazz to Zydeco, you’ll hear sounds from most decades (from the 1920s onwards);  different music (rock, blues, soul, R&B, rock’n’roll, jazz, reggae, folk, country etc,);  stories and insights into artists, music styles, themes, eras and so on;  hits, misses, album tracks, live music etc.

From the manic to the cheesy to the sublime, you’ll hear it all here - so go on, fill yer boots!!!

There are also several “tasters” which should whet the appetite.

Following a review of my music collection - from vinyl to cassettes to CDs to MDs to downloads, covering many styles throughout the 1900s -  it struck me how diverse and timeless pop music became over the various decades, from ragtime at the turn of the century to the explosion of varied styles and sounds which are still evolving.

As this reflects my own journey through my musical memories, I will be covering each decade in a random fashion (in other words, when my memory allows - explanation later).

I have started with a track from each year from 1920 to 1999, chosen at random in the DECADES pages, which hopefully provides an historical guide to the popular music of the 20th century. I started in 1920 as most available recordings started then.

We hope you enjoy this site and come back again to see how it is developing.


This is a test site (I started this in 2012) - fully featured pages are in the design stage.  Please enjoy the  music  in the DECADES,  PROGRAMS & KCR/LFM pages

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