The 20s, 30s & early 40s: the early years of blues, jazz, crooners, swing, musicals, big bands, country, etc..

The late 40s & 50s: Rhythm & blues, jump’n’jive, the birth of rock’n’roll, doo wop, teenagers, skiffle etc.

The 60s:  Soul, mods, swinging 60s, pirate radio, rock festivals, psychedelia,  prog rock etc.

The 70s: The growth of heavy metal, festivals, singer-songwriters, glam, disco, soul, punk, country rock etc.

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There will also be articles (backed with some great music) on specific areas and genres of music.  One of the first will be a sample of music played in the London clubs in the 60s.  Next, there will be a sample  based on the great sounds emanating from New Orleans, which not only made a significant contribution to the development of jazz, blues, rhythm & blues and subsequently rock’n’roll, but also produced some of the best music of the era.

Add to this biographies of many of the artists, bands, producers etc. of the various eras so that we can keep you entertained for many years to come.

The 80s & 90s:  New wave, funk, alt/indie rock, new romantics, britpop, ska, acid jazz, reggae, clubbing, raves etc.

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It’s a long story...but how far back should we go?  For practical purposes we’ll only go back to the 20s as the quality, quantity & availability of recordings only got better from there onwards...and as the 60’s was, in our opinion, the most innovative and exciting musical era, when pop music found it’s confidence and formed the basis of later sounds and innovations, we’ve decided to pull out small sections as a taster, before we go into a more detailed account of the decades!

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